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transaction compliance, operation evaluations and productivity assessment

Sentry offers consulting for transaction compliance, operation evaluations, and productivity assessments. We also can design performance-based contingency contracts. We provide full design and configuration and implementation management to meet the specific needs of your location.

We have nearly 30 years of professional experience installing, building and managing parking control systems. We will offer you a full assessment of hardware and software options - to ensure that your investment has the highest potential for positive returns. We dig into details, uncover alternatives when needed, and manage the project from the first cable laid to the last bolt tightened.


transaction compliance, operation evaluations and productivity assessment

We don't write new software for each location. Our systems are completely parameter driven. In other words, the systems we use can be configured to allow for full functionality at each location - without writing one line of code. Our software is written specifically for the hardware we distribute and works seamlessly for all applications. It's a behind-the-scenes efficiency that produces huge time-saving and cost-saving benefits for us and our clients. Additionally, we offer expert consulting for credit card processing (merchant compliance, training), gateway approval, transaction processing configuration, reporting and auditing.


service agreements in a class of their own

There are a myriad of maintenance and repair considerations, and Sentry is an expert in each one. We keep a ready inventory of spare parts and replacement equipment. We hold precise records of unique features at your site. We also have a fleet of service professionals who are ready to roll when you need us; every service vehicle is GPS tracked, every visit is monitored. With nearly 30 years of knowledge and experience, we have learned the importance of regular maintenance and timely repair.

What does this mean for you? It means that any downtime is minimal and YOUR investment is kept up to date and remains current just like the first day you started using it. Click here to view our online .Care brochure.


maximize return on investment

For many of our competitors, once they implement and install a parking control system, they are done. Sentry is never done. We will always give you support when you need it, and provide additional services to help you with software, transactions, maintenance, repair - for as long as you need us. Our goal isn't to just install equipment. Our mission is to match the best solutions with the best service possible. The benefit for you is a maximized return on an investment from a total solution.